NOVOSARM Testolone


  • Manufacturer: Novosarm, Switzerland.
  • Substance: RAD 140 (Testolone).
  • Package: 1 bottle with dropper 20mg/ml.


  • The following benefits are associated with RAD 140 Sarm:
    • Enhanced speed, stamina and endurance during high-intensity workouts.
    • Faster buildup of muscular tissues that helps achieving more gains in a shorter period of time.


    Based on medical tests, RAD 140 SARM also displayed a greater anabolic effect than testosterone. Researches show that besides having a more “reinforced” effect than testosterone, RAD 140 SARM was also seen to help reduce the androgenic side effects.

    Dosage (Male)

    Take a full dropper per day.

    Course should run for 6-12 weeks.

    Repeat this process once the 2 weeks are over.

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