NOVOSARM Ligandrol


  • Manufacturer: Novosarm, Switzerland.Substance: LGD 4033 (Ligandrol).Package: 1 bottle with dropper 20mg/ml.


  • Ligandrol is increasing in popularity due to its strong anabolic-like effects. Ligandrol can be used for bulking, body recomposition and cutting. It is documented to increase size while reducing body fat without serious side effects. Ligandrol increases endurance by allowing bigger output during training, resulting in bigger gains.Dosage (Male)Take 1/2 dropper daily for 1 month – then stop for 1 month. This will give time for your body to reset. You can take a test booster or PCT if your testosterone level goes low. Ligandrol is mainly for bulking. The course should take 6-8 weeks.

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