• Manufacturer: Novosarm, Switzerland.
  • Substance: Andarine (S4).
  • Package: 1 bottle with dropper 100mg/ml.
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  • Andarine (S4) is a SARM, developed for the preventing and treating muscle wasting and weakness due to severe illness. Due to the fact that Andarine binds to androgen receptors, it can increase strength and build lean muscle mass without creating water weight, drying out the joints, stressing the liver, or causing severe suppression.

    Dosage (Male)

    Take between 1/2 dropper (50mg) and full dropper (100mg) in split dosages every day. Continue for 1 month – then stop for 2 weeks – by allowing your body to reset.

    There is no needed for a PCT or a test booster.

    Repeat this process once the 2 weeks are over.

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